United Educational Publishing is one of the E7 Group companies

  • Provides many integrated services in the fields of educational publishing.
  • Best innovative educational products and solutions.
  • Providing consultations that contribute effectively to developing the educational system.
  • Printing and distributing school and educational books.
  • Distribution of a wide range of educational resources (Educational resources are very from student’s books to teacher guides, learning supporting materials, quizzes and assessments)
  • Electronic and interactive educational platforms (We provide access to different educational platforms that support the curriculum we promote, such as (Matific, MHE Alex, BoClips, TWIG platforms, Nahla and Nahel, and others)
  • Developing a state of art digital reading (cutting age technology) and publishing platform.
  • Providing educational publications and products from various local and international publishing houses.
  • Consultation management in the educational field. We provide complete consultation service for new educational institution or existing one that seek to grow and adopt different approach
  • Training and development services. With every service we provide (resources, platforms,…) we are providing a complete training session that targeting the teachers empower them to better utilize the services provided.
  • Building and correcting electronic tests and quizzes bank.

To contribute effectively in developing the educational system in the UAE and bring it to globally competitive levels. By providing the best innovative educational products, solutions, and consultations.